I was first introduced to the RehabPro pulley machine at Urban Physical Therapy  in Lebanon, TN, where I was being treated for shoulder injuries.  I was amazed at how easy it was to use the machine and the incredible improvement to my injuries.  I was so impressed with the results that I bought my own machine which I use daily in my home.  I would recommend this equipment to anyone needing treatment for injuries or someone just wanting to maintain muscle strength which we all need. 

​Bill Carter

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I have been utilizing the advice and service from the professionals at RehabPro for more than 15 years. The owner, Kris van Scheers, is a manual therapist trained in Norway. He understands clinical application and challenge. He has dedicated his craft to perfecting the equipment for manual therapy and exercise. RehabPro is our vendor of choice for this equipment for all of our facilities. 

Instructor Ola Grimsby Institute and Program Director of Fellowship

  • Equipment that restores soft tissue function optimally.
  • Equipment that meets your clients at their functional level.
  • Equipment that optimizes your clients' exercise experience.

Our clients love the Free-Standing RehabPro Speed Pulley with its 6:1 weight-to-resistance ratio and starting resistance as low as .85 lbs. They also love that it provides resistance up to 150 lbs. for strength training. It is easily adjustable with spring-loaded plungers and provides super smooth resistance for both rehab and strength training. It has a very small foot print and requires very little space which makes it ideal for small and large clinics alike. It is constructed of TIG welded high strength steel which makes it virtually indestructible. Our technicians really appreciate that it comes fully assembled which makes installation a breeze. This is a preferred favorite for all of our clients.

Scott Strickland, President at Healthy You

Designed by Physical Therapists 

Manufactured in the United States




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  • Musculoskeletal injuries are considered a reduction of soft tissue tolerance to physical load.
  • Injuried soft tissues must be challenged to restore themselves back to normal.
  • Exercise is the best alternative to restore soft tissue tolerance.
  • ​Like Medications, exercise is a dosage issue.

​Pulleys: One of the Most Functional Rehab Tools ever Made

Neck, Shoulder, Spine, Hip, Knee, Ankle Problems?

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Tools for Body Repair: Pulleys, Benches & Accessories

As an instructor in Exercise (STEP) and Manual Therapy courses, as well as a full-time clinician I have a great appreciation for quality equipment to treat all levels of patients from chronic pain to professional athletes. I have been working with RehabPro for the past 15 years with nothing but complete satisfaction with the equipment and personalized customer service. Kris and his team make sure that all products are exactly what you need and willing to go above and beyond to provide outstanding service. All pulleys and benches are made directly by RehabPro here in the US. 

Richard Kring, PT, PhD, DMT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT

CEO: Ola Grimsby Institute

Director of Research: Cleveland Clinic Rehab & Sports Therapy

RehabPro, Inc. has provided a continuous development, improvement and service of exercise and treatment equipment for many years. The Ola Grimsby Institute is using their complete  exercise line in our Scientific, Therapeutic Exercise Progression" courses (STEP) throughout the world. We are also training students on this equipment during their affiliations and we use it in Residency, Fellowship and PhD's final practical Exams.

Ola Grimsby