Designed by Physical Therapists 

Manufactured in the United States


​Item # 2020v

Item # 2024IM

Item # 2025

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Specialty Padded Pulley Straps

These multi-function straps are designed to accommodate / solve issues of cleanliness, patient comfort and the inability to hold onto a handle during upper extremity rehab. The padded wrist / ankle strap (Item # 2020v) is secured around the wrist or ankle with 2" wide Velcro. The neoprene lining creates a more comfortable fit than the self-locking mechanism of Item 2020 (above). The banana sling (Item # 2025) is a softer alternative to Item 2021 (above) during rotation exercises of the trunk against resistance in sitting and standing. Item 2024IM is a specialty strap for rehab of the cervical spine. Both the banana sling and the head strap are lined with vinyl, making them easy to clean after use.