Designed by Physical Therapists 

Manufactured in the United States


Below is a list of the most common accessories used with the A-Series Standard Pulleys. For a complete description of each accessory please go to the "pulley accessory" page:

Without Boom:

Standard Pulley Handle (rubber grip). Item # H834HD
Padded Wrist / Ankle Strap. Item # 2020
Padded Shoulder / Knee Strap. Item # 2021
40" Padded Waist Strap. Item # 2022
Padded Head (Cervical) Strap. Item 2024IM
Standard Triceps Bar. Item # 13107
Rowing Handle. Item # 13110
Support Bar (removable). Item # VH8083
Rotation Plate. Item # SE8345​

With Boom (additional): 

Boom (stationary). Item # B1000
Scope (for boom). Item # B1001
Standard Lat Bar. Item # VD6800
​Negative Weight Bar. Item # SE8369

Accessory Options:

Purchase Options:

Incorporates both Rehab and Fitness

The RehabPro Bilateral Handle pulleys offer the option of bilateral work using one weight stack. It is an economic option for small clinics with limited wall / floor space. It is also a excellent pulley for clients that want to continue working out at home when rehab is completed. The physical weight stacks for these pulleys are typically heavier since the bilateral handle design reduces the resistance by 50% per weight increment (2:1 weight-to-resistance ratio).

The B-Series pulleys are offered with:

  • A 100 lb. or 150 lb. weight stack.
  • A 2.5 lb. starting resistance (using one pulley handle).
  • 2" rope adjustability intervals along an 84.5" rope adjustment bar
  • 18" (W)x 7"( D)x 84.5" (H) space requirement (basic wall mount).
  •  Powder-coated US made steel with 20,000 l. weld tolerance
  • ​Chromium plated guide rods and ball-bearing pulley wheels for smooth tracking of the weight stack. smooth tracking of the weight stack. 
  • 99% maintenance free
  • Best warranty in the industry.
  • Made in the USA.

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Bilateral Handle Pulleys (The Ultimate Home Gym for the Entire Family)