Designed by Physical Therapists 

Manufactured in the United States


Multi-Purpose Bench

M3B with KT9933

Narrow Long Seat


Used alone or together with RehabPro pulleys the Multi-Purpose Bench assists in restoring upper body flexibility, coordination, endurance and strength. It allows for early rehab of the spine by reducing the force of gravity and limiting / adjusting spinal range of motion.
Examples of use:
1. Bench seats can be positioned flat for sitting exercises.
2. Front seat tilts and locks at different angles allowing positioning of the pelvis and lumbar spine in more flexion or in side bending positions for joint locking or mobilizations.
3. The back rest changes angles from vertical to horizontal for exercise at different trunk angles
4. The back rest can also serve as support for the upper extremity during shoulder or elbow exercises. 
5. Height adjustment of the backrest support or blocks the spine at any level. 

Thoracic Mobilization Wedge


​Neck Support


3-D Shoulder Rotation Trainer (KT9933)

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