Double Wall

18"x 7"x 80" (Footprint)

Standard Pulleys with 2.5 lbs. or Higher Starting Resistance


Single Free-Standing

Designed by Physical Therapists 

Manufactured in the United States


Accessory Options:

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Below is a list of the most common accessories used with the A-Series Standard Pulleys. For a complete description of each accessory please go to the "pulley accessory" page:

Without Boom:

  • Standard Pulley Handle (rubber grip). Item # H834HD
  • Padded Wrist / Ankle Strap. Item # 2020
  • Padded Shoulder / Knee Strap. Item # 2021
  • 40" Padded Waist Strap. Item # 2022
  • Padded Head (Cervical) Strap. Item 2024IM
  • Standard Triceps Bar. Item # 13107
  • Rowing Handle. Item # 13110
  • Support Bar (removable). Item # VH8083
  • Rotation Plate. Item # SE8345​Type your paragraph here.

With Boom (additional): 

  • Boom (stationary). Item # B1000
  • Scope (for boom). Item # B1001
  • Standard Lat Bar. Item # VD6800
  • ​Negative Weight Bar. Item # SE8369

36"x 7"x 80" (Footprint)

​The wall mounted E-series models for home use stand at 92" (when the boom accessory is ordered). No scope is necessary. Some lat pull down functions may have to be done in sitting for people over 6'.   

Boom & Scope (left)

  • Scope (black arrow)
  • Boom (red arrow)

Single Wall

Purchase Options:

When a rehab tool (like the pulley) meets a client's level of functionality it is amazing how quickly the soft tissue improves. 

Higher starting resistances require pain-free range of motion and normalized blood supply to the affected area. 

The E-Series Pulley focus on coordination, muscle group endurance and ultimately strength. 

​The E-Series Pulleys are offered with:

  • A 70 lb. or a 100 lb. weight stack.
  • A 2.5 lb. or a 5.0 lb. starting resistance.
  • 2" rope adjustability intervals along an 84.5" rope adjustment bar. 
  • Slow coordination and muscular endurance is the focus.
  • An 18" (W) x 10" (D)x 84.5"- 92" (H) space requirement (single wall mount).
  • Power-coated US made steel with 20,000 lb. weld tolerance.
  • Chromium plated guide rods and ball bearing wheels for smooth tracking of the weight stack.
  • 99% maintenance free.
  • Best warranty in the industry.
  • Made in the USA

24"x 10"x 80"- 92" (Footprint)

Please Note:

The Boom:

In rehab, the boom is often used with a negative weight bar to normalize even weight bearing, weight assisted squatting, and assisted step-ups and step-downs. This requires an elevation of the boom to accommodate tall clients. They cannot obtain full knee extension with an 8' ceiling or less. The scope lifts the boom an additional 12" off the floor solving this issue.