Designed by Physical Therapists 

Manufactured in the United States


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1:1 Weight-To-Resistance Ratio Mobile Pulley with 1.25 lb. Starting Weight

Item # M100MS

  • Designed for mobility. 
  • Allow exercise therapy in private rooms. 
  • Built with top quality ball-bearing wheels and weight bushings for smooth tracking of weight stack. 
  • Both pulleys have light top weights for acute & sub-acute care.
  • They Ship fully assembled.
  • Maintenance free base 
  • Life time frame warranty
  • Made in the USA

Mobile Pulleys are the pulleys of choice for acute / sub-acute injuries. Exercise with light resistance and many reps in and around an injured area inhibits pain, stimulate circulation, helps restoring flexibility and promotes coordination through communication between the end organ (muscle) and the brain. Mobile pulleys are not designed for strength training, something that is of no concern in the initial stages of rehab. Active rehab continues on wall mounted or free-standing pulleys as soon as clients can get out of recumbent positions and exercise in the gym area. Mobile pulleys are shorter than regular wall pulleys in order to reach clients treated in private rooms. They can easily be moved from one client to the next in an open gym as well.

Item # M30MP

There are many accessories available in order to meet the client where they are functionally. The most common accessories are:

1. Standard Strap Package

2. Specialty Strap Package

3. Negative Weight Set

4. Eccentric Pulley

5. Gantry

6. Support Bar

6:1 Weight-To-Resistance Ratio Mobile Speed Pulley with 0.85 lbs. Starting Weight 

Maintenance Free Castor Base with 2.5" Ball-Bearing Castors.

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