Designed by Physical Therapists 

Manufactured in the United States


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1:1 Weight-To-Resistance Ratio Mobile Pulley with 1.25 lb. Starting Weight

  • Easy to move
  • Top quality ball-bearing wheels and weight bushings
  • Sound reducing weight bushings
  • Light resistance top weights
  • 75 lbs. total weight
  • Life time frame warranty
  • Ships fully assembled
  • Made in the USA

The RehabPro Mobile Pulley reaches clients that are limited to active exercise in a recumbent position, either in a private room, on a mat in the gym or in a bed on the hospital floor. The emphasis of this item is placed on mobility, NOT the stability required when clients have progressed to a partial or full weight bearing position. As a result  the M30MP is not offered with resistance higher than 30 lbs., The progression, when indicated, is the RehabPro Standard Pulleys (wall mounted or free-standing) which offer greater stability, higher resistance and longer rope excursions.  

The M30MP has a 100% maintenance free castors base that easily rolls on 2.5" ball-bearing wheels. The frame has a life-time warranty.

Item # M30MP

Tilt and Go

Item # M30MS

6:1 Weight-To-Resistance Ratio Mobile Speed Pulley