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MMS1 Sample Picture

Pulley Stations

MMD2 Sample Picture

One pulley cannot do it all. They are functions specific and they are time frame specific, meaning they are used at different functional levels in the rehab process.  Modules help solve two problems. 1. Different kinds of pulleys offer more exercise variety and more exercise dose flexibility options broadening and adding to the total rehab advancement. 2. Modules are designed for high volume clinics that have the space for all assortments of pulleys including closed-chain trainer and/or slant board. They reduce wait time for clients standing in line to do their active exercise routine. More importantly, they reinforce established rest times between each exercise set (also part of correct tissue stimulus) giving each client the most out of each exercise session. MMS1 normally holds 4 pulley stations but can be modified to hold 6 pulleys by adding extensions to two side of module. MMD2 normally holds 6 pulley stations but can be modified to hold 8 pulleys by adding extensions to two sides of the module. 

MMD2 w/ Bilateral Extensions Picture

MMS1 w/ Bilateral Extension Picture



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