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Tilt & Go

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The RehabPro Standard Pulleys (A-Series) are the initial tools used in active rehab. They can be used as early as the acute phase as an "active assist tool" to activate mechano-receptors for pain relief and improve blood flow within available range of motion. 

With their low starting resistance of 1.25 lbs. and rope angle adjustability it assists in the restoration of normal circulation, flexibility, coordination and muscle group endurance of damaged tissue (many reps - low resistance tool). 

The A-Series Pulleys are offered with:


  • A 30 lb., 50 lb. and 70 lb. weight stack. 
  • A 1.25 lb. starting resistance. 
  • 2" rope adjustability intervals along an 84.5" rope adjustment bar. 
  • A 18" (W) x 7" (D) x 84.5"(H) space requirement (single wall mount).
  • Powder-coated US steel with 20,000 lb. weld tolerances. 
  • Chromium plated guide rods and ball-bearing wheels for smooth tracking of the weight stack. 
  • 99% maintenance free.
  • Best warranty in the industry.
  • Made in the USA.

Below is a list of the most common accessories used with the A-Series Standard Pulleys. For a complete description of each accessory please go to the "pulley accessory" page:

  • Standard Pulley Handle (foam). Item # H834H
  • Standard Pulley Handle (rubber grip). Item # H834HD
  • Padded Wrist / Ankle Strap. Item # 2020
  • Padded Shoulder / Knee Strap. Item # 2021
  • 40" Padded Waist Strap. Item # 2022
  • Padded Head (Cervical) Strap. Item 2024IM
  • Banana Sling. Item # 2025
  • Standard Triceps Bar. Item # 13107
  • Pronation / Supination Bar. Item # 13109
  • Rowing Handle. Item # 13110
  • Negative Weight Set. Item # SE9096
  • Eccentric Pulley. Item # SE11579
  • Gantry (removable). Item # 15106
  • Support Bar (removable). Item # VH8083
  • Rotation Plate. Item # SE8345

24"x 10"x 84.5" (Footprint)

Both the single and double free-standing pulley options have wheels in the rear of the base. The "Tilt & Go" concept works here as well. However, the free-standing options differ from their smaller version "The Mobile Pulleys":

  • The Mobile Pulleys are first in line rehab pulleys assisting active exercise implementation in private rooms and / or on treatment furniture in an open gym. As a results, they are designed for mobility, NOT stability. The weight stacks are light (limit 30 lbs.) Their bases are narrow. Early models made in the 90's actually had stabilization arms that could attach to treatment furniture assisting their stability during use. In short, Mobile Pulleys, has a small but important window of use in the rehab process. 
  • The Free-Standing Pulleys are built with stability in mind. Their bases are larger and heavier. There is a 10" plate added at the rear of the base that fit 25 lb. Olympic plates when / if counter weight is indicated. The frames can accommodate up to 200 lb. weight stacks. In addition, the free-standing frames are taller increasing rope excursion and allow for exercises done in a standing / full weight bearing position.

Accessory  Options:

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28"x 41"x 80" (Footprint)

   Single Wall                                                    Double Wall                                                           Single Free-Standing                     

18"x 7"x 84.5" (Footprint)

Rear of Base (Wheels & Counter Weight Plate)

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Standard Pulleys with 1.25 lb. Starting Resistance

Actual Home Installment (CA)