Designed by Physical Therapists 

Manufactured in the United States


13110 as a functional accessory

M3B as an\ functional  accessory

1:1 Weight-To-Resistance Ratio ​​Dedicated Lat Pulleys

The 1:1 weight-to-resistance ratio lat pull offers assisted lower extremity training, rehab of the spine as well as the upper extremities, f.ex. centering the humeral head in the glenohumeral joint after injury or surgery (aspects of rotator cuff rehab).  Assisted lower extremity recovery is initially performed with the help of a negative weight bar until weight shift, squatting and step-up/down can be done with full body weight. The L-Series pulleys are offered with:

  • 100 lb., 130 lb. & 200 lb. weight stacks. 
  • A starting resistance as low as 5.00 lbs. 
  • 2.5 lb. & 5.0 lb. add-on weights are available
  • 18" (W)x 612"(D)x 92"- 108" (T) space requirement.
  • Frames that are made of TIG welded, high quality powder coated steel.
  • A 84.5" number engraved and plated wire adjustment bar adjusting wire length at 2" intervals using a spring loaded plunger. 
  • 1", chromium plated, self adjusting guide rods for smooth tracking of the weight stack. 
  • High end ball-bearing, wide pulley wheels for smooth tracking of the rope. 
  • Best warranty in the industry.
  • Made in the USA. ​

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Open-Chain Upper Extremity Exercise

Active shoulder extension / passive shoulder flexion to center the humeral head in the glenohumeral fossa. The long seat of the multi-purpose bench (M3B) adjusts the passive range of motion allowed at the glenohumeral joint.  Flat seat with bench close to the lat pull allows approx. 90 degrees at the shoulder (picture above). Vertical long seat or no seat allow full range of motion at the shoulder (picture below).

SE8369 as a functional accessory

Closed-Chain Controlled Squatting

Squatting with reduced body weight. Weight scales maintain even weight bearing or weight bearing restrictions. The chair adjust the range of the squat (pictures above).

Closed-Chain Controlled Weight Shift

Weight shift on two weight scales with reduced body weight using a negative weight bar (SE8369)