Designed by Physical Therapists 

Manufactured in the United States


Module Mounted

Pulley Options

1. Pulleys can be:

  • Wall mounted
  • Free-standing
  • Module mounted
  • Mobile.

2. They can come as:

  • Standard (A-Series & E-Series)
  • Bilateral Handle (B-Series)
  • Speed  (S-Series)
  • Lat Pulley 



Pulleys: General Information


1. Can you imagine taking a medication described by your doctor with no dosage guidelines? If your answer is no, consider this:
2. Can you imagine trying to improve soft tissue function with tools that offers poor or no dosage guidelines? If you answer is no, consider this:
3. Observe exercise as the medication used to improve soft tissue function. What tool do you think creates an environment that offers maximal gain for all your efforts?

The Pulley

Standard Pulleys, with their accessories are considered the most versatile tools in rehab to improve tissue tolerance to physical load. The seamless adjustment of rope angle and rope length and their light weight increments allows for limitless number of exercises that can be dosed to accommodate any functional level a person is presently at.   
Rehab differs from Fitness. In rehab we restore functional qualities like circulation, flexibility, coordination and single muscle / muscle group endurance in order to prepare each individual to withstand physical loads of daily living (ADL's). In addition, knowledge gained from rehab should carry over to fitness for those that wish to go on to improve their functional level beyond the stage they were at when they got injured. 

Wall mounted

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